Cup semi tickets Manchester United – get them while they last

Imagine sitting with your mates amongst a crimson crowd of thousands, a hot dog in one hand and a cool beer in the other. The stadium lights, and the bodies surrounding you, keep you warm and cosy as the deep throng of the chanting crowd vibrates your body and you sway and sing with the waves fans: it's a feeling unlike any other on earth — especially when it comes to Manchester United fans.

Manchester United is one of the top English Premier League football clubs, and they have gone from strength to strength in their 120 years of fantastic football; making them the number one team to watch in 2011. Fans are on tenter hooks ahead of the first FA Cup semi final since 1981! Tickets are already on sale to Season card holders and the general public, and the club has received an allocation of 31,500 tickets in the West End of Wembley Stadium.

There are five categories of match ticket available, priced between £20 for category four tickets to £60 for category one tickets. Tickets are strictly limited and will be purchasable on a one ticket per qualifying supporter basis. Tickets are non-transferable. The match next Manchester United match, in the E.ON sponsored FA Cup, will happen on Saturday, 21st May, with a kick-off time of 5.15pm.

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