Cudicini hospitalised after motorbike crash

Spurs goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini is recovering in hospital after being involved in a motor accident in London earlier today. The 36-year-old is reported to have crashed his BMW motorbike into a Ford Fiesta at 10.30 this morning on Forest Road, Walthamstow.

According to a number of sources the Italian is being treated in hospital for fractured wrists and an injured pelvis. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police described Cudicini's injuries 'as possibly life-changing.'

Tottenham released a statement regarding the incident on their official website earlier today: 'Carlo Cudicini has fractured his wrists and injured his pelvis after being involved in a road accident this morning.'

'The 36-year-old Italian goalkeeper has been admitted to hospital and undergone scans under the supervision of club medical staff. The club will update supporters on Carlo as soon as there is any further information.'

Get well soon Carlo.

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