Crouch puts in another stormer

What does Peter Crouch have to do to get a starting spot for Liverpool? Okay, he came on last night when Inter had had a centre-back sent off. And the two replacement centre backs were no taller than 5’ 10” (Crouch is 11’ 9” and growing, it seems). So he should have had a good game. And he did – the 25-odd minutes he was on.

But Rafa Benitez will almost certainly not pick him at the weekend. He views Crouch, it would appear, as a specialist player, thrown on when the circumstances are right. He’s already come out and told the Press he has every faith in Kuyt.

However, while Kuyt is a good pro, he’s not as versatile, skilful and sharp as Crouch. (Okay, he scored but from a deflection.) We’re not Liverpool fans here – but we do like Crouchy. Fab’ll pick him, you wait and see…

(Image: from YouTube)

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