Croatian FA chief arrested

As England make final preparations for putting 11 men behind the ball tonight and playing (and praying) for a draw, police at Gatwick have arrested Zorislav Srebric, general secretary of the Croatian FA. He denies an accusation of shoplifting in WH Smith.

This reminds us a little of an incident in Mexico in 1970. The High Sheriff of Bow, Duke of Plaistow and England captain, Duke Bobby Moore of Canning Town (one of the greatest footballers ever to play for West Ham (and England)) was arrested after being accused of stealing a gold chain. Some say it was an attempt to put him and the team off their game. Needless to say, the Right Honourable Lord Moore went on to have a fine tournament.

Let’s hope this unsavoury incident doesn’t somehow galvanise the Croatian squad into giving us a whipping tonight.

Come on England!

(Image: from Lawrence OP’s flickr stream)

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