Cristiano Ronaldo set to move to Real Madrid?

The Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumours have surfaced again, and according to The Spoiler the Portuguese international has already met with Real Madrid’s Director of Football and agreed terms to join this year's La Liga champions.

Ronaldo has scored 40 goals this season in all competitions, picking up the PFA Players' Player of the Year two years in a row. So for Real Madrid to get their tentacles on him they'll have to break open the piggy bank.

While the move may seem unlikely, Ronaldo is now stepping out with the Spanish model Nereida Gallardo and may be tempted to wave goodbye to a weeping Fergie to set up court at the Bernabéu.

Not everyone, however, is convinced about the greatness of C-Ron. Check out the video below of the Statler and Waldorf of football punditry John Giles and Eamon Dunphy, as they give their damning assessment of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, overrated disgrace to football?

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