Cristiano Ronaldo has a new girlfriend

It's been a few months since Cristiano Ronaldo kicked Nereida Gallardo to touch, but according to the tabloids the Portuguese love muscle has a new girlfriend. C-Ron has been accused of having an affair with Alyona Haynes, the 25-year-old wife of an English millionaire.

John Hayes, a 50-year-old businessman, is filing for divorce after finding over 300 text messages from the Ballon D'Or winner on his young wife's phone. The wealthy husband was none too pleased, nor was he impressed by the quality of Ronaldo's English.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail, Hayes said: "The text messages looked like they had been written by a seven-year-old it was dreadful English and they mentioned Portugal." While C-Ron's English may be terrible, it looks like he has a PHD in the international language of L-O-V-E.

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