Cricketer threatened…

Yes, streaking is silly and it should not be encouraged. No, it’s not acceptable for a drunkard to run onto a cricket pitch and invade a professional sportsperson’s space, ruining his concentration. And, yes, we should all take the matter very seriously.

But, come on! Are we really supposed to believe that Andrew Symonds – Aussie batsman and pretty burly bloke – was “severely threatened” by a streaker at the one-dayer recently. That’d be Andrew Symonds, professional athlete, dressed in helmet, pads, box and wielding a bat? Against a bloke so drunk he got up, took all his clothes off and ran onto the pitch naked? Hardly a fair contest if it had ever come to blows. Phnaar!

Unless Andrew felt threatened in some other way? You decide…

(Image: from oddsock’s flickr stream)

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