The classic cricket sweater

The V-necked woolen cricket sweater is as old as the game itself. Legends of the game like Ian Botham made it a fashion statement off the crease, and it has long since weaved its way into the fabric of high-street fashion. A cricket sweater handmade from pure wool is a work of art and can take nearly a month to knit. Worn well, an authentic cricket sweater can exude the gentlemanly conduct and sense of fair play inherent to the rules and regulations of cricket.

The Military Style Cricket Sweater

If you want to stamp your authority on the green and on the street, look no further than the cricket sweater which is styled with the colours of famous historical regiments. From the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, to the Blach Watch, the Household Division, and the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, these sweaters will have you blowing your own trumpet and banging your own drum in next to no time.

The Old School Cricket Sweater

Cricket for a long time was associated with the upper classes, and Britain’s public schools were once fertile grounds for cricketing talents. The old school cricket sweater is both understated and elegant, and carries the colours of such renowned educational establishments as Eton, Marlborough, Oakam, Radley, Winchester, Ampleforth, and Charterhouse.

The University Cricket Sweater

They don’t play cricket in America, but like the rest of the world, they are supremely envious of the inherent sense of style the British so casually posses. The colours of Uk universities have long adorned many a fellow’s cricket sweater, but now the yanks are getting in on the act and the chances are if there’s an American University, there’s probably a cricket sweater which sports its chosen colours. Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, and Vanderbilt are just a few of the American institutes of higher learning which have sought to be associated with the style and grace that the great British cricket sweater exemplifies.

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