We check out how to get involved with Cricket Ireland

Are you an Irish cricket fan looking to do your bit for the game in Ireland by getting involved with Cricket Ireland? This organisation run the game in the country, but they do so on a shoe string budget. In this blog, we are going to show you how to get involved with Cricket Ireland and do your bit for the sport in the country, helping it grow and fulfill its potential.

Cricket in Ireland is on a massive upward trajectory thanks to the heroics of the team at the last two World Cup tournaments. At these tournaments, Ireland showed they could hang with the world's best, pulling off shock results that have earned them a place in cricket folklore. To take a look at the Irish Cricket site, simply point your browser towards http://www.irishcricket.org/ to see the official website of the game in Ireland, and get all of the information on getting involved.

Doing your bit is as simple as getting yourself a membership of the organisation. Simply click on the membership tab and it will bring up your options for paying your annual dues. Membership has a number of brilliant benefits. You get a 20% discount on entrance fees for games, a 20% discount on season tickets for full and junior members, and you even get a 20% discount on the Executive Membership.

You can pay by cheque, drop into the office at Unit 22 Grattan Business Park in Clonsaugh in Dublin, or else pay by Direct Debit, the choice is yours! So join up, and do your bit for cricket in Ireland.

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