What cricket equipment is needed for a game?

When starting to play a new sport, you need to learn about it. This will take some research. When playing cricket, you will need to learn the rules and the pieces of cricket equipment used during the game. There are many pieces of cricket equipment that are required but here are the most important ones.

The Bat: The bat is used by the batter. There are at least two required for a game since there are always two batters out on the field. However, many players choose to have their own bat – often considered to be a lucky charm. You will need to find out how to look after your bat; it is the best friend you will have during your games.

Batting Pads: A cricket ball is heavy and extremely painful if it hits you, which is why batting pads are required. This type of cricket equipment is used to shield the legs from possibly being hit by the ball and is large enough to cover up to the knee. On a note of safety, you will also need to have a helmet.

Gloves: Like pads, these help to protect the body from the hard ball. Gloves are mainly worn by batters but they can also be worn by those out in the field – it is often a personal choice.

Cricket Shoes: Most people will not realise that cricketers need certain types of shoes. This can fall under cricket equipment since it is difficult to play without them. The shoes have grips underneath – similar to football and rugby boots – to prevent people from slipping. There are different types depending on the type of ground you are playing on.

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