Pros and cons to joining a cricket club

There are some sports that work better if you have a club or a team to play with. Cricket is one of them. There are many advantages to playing the sport with a cricket club. Of course, there are also disadvantages to this.

The Benefits

The main reason why people opt for a cricket club is because they stand the chance to take the game further. The best cricket players started off with a local club because they learnt the best tips and continued to better their performance.

Playing as part of a club will also help to instill discipline and the ability to work as a team. This is helpful to gain jobs and also for study. Many employers will look for someone who will be able to gel with others, and a cricket club proves that you can do that.

The Downsides

The need to play as a team will also act as a downside. The problem is that you will need to rely on others to succeed. If you played a sport that only required you, there is only you to blame when you lose. You will also need to wait for others when it comes to training and games.

It can take a lot of time out of your day, especially if you play for a serious team. Most clubs will meet up at least once a week for training and then there will be games and drinks afterwards. You will need to have the time to commit to a cricket club and your family will have to support you too.

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