Cricket captains to take lie detector tests

Over the last year or so cricket has been rocked by the spot-fixing scandal, in which Pakistan cricketers were revealed to have been bowling no balls at the behest of betting syndicates and gangsters. Now the MCC is encouraging team captains to take lie detector tests before test matches, as part of an effort to clean up the international game.

The proposal is the idea of former Australia captain Steve Waugh, who is the chair of an MCC world cricket committee working party that is investigating how corruption can be ridden from the game, and who thinks that captains voluntarily putting their reputations on the line would help stamp it out.

'Captains from each country should be promoted as ambassadors and role models who pledge to educate and protect other young players,'Waugh said. 'We are looking for ambassadors among team members to put up a hand and say that down the track they will do one of these polygraph tests to be the role model and the leader in their teams.

'Record numbers of players reported last year that they had been approached by bookies. These players need mentors. The culture and values of the team come directly from the captain as well as the coach and the manager.'

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