Famous Cricketers and their Cricket Bats

If you’re in the business of “hitting em’ for six” then you need a decent bit of equipment. There are many different brands of cricket bats on the market but a good way of judging the quality of a bat is to discover the cricket bats that famous cricketers both swear and swing by.

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Hugely popular “down under”, Kookaburra cricket bats are the bat of choice for the likes of Shane Bond, Ricky Ponting, AB De Villiers and Natha Astle. The company started manufacturing bats in 1890 and have been improving on their original design ever since. These cricket bats are very light, which affords the cricketer an increased sped of shot and delicacy of touch. In the right hands they can devastate a bowling attack, and they retail between £19.99 and £99.

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

It’s difficult to quantify how much English willow has been used in the development of these cricket bats through the years. Since 1885 Gunn and Moore have been making these finely balanced and weighted bats, which are perfect for the all the heavy hitters out there. To ensure optimum performance, each individual bat is tested before it hits the marketplace. The outstanding feel, flex and control of these cricket bats has made them firm favourites with the likes of Shane Watson, Michael Vaughen, Kamran Akmal and Stephen Flemming. Gun and Moore bats range from £29 to £239.

Woodworm Cricket Bats

For sloggers, sweepers, clippers, and cutters, Wormwood cricket bats have a wide range of all-English Willow bats to fit the needs of any player. Wormwood make cricket bats for a knock about with your mates in the park to a decisive encounter at Lord’s. It’s no wonder the likes of Kevin Pietersen and Andrwe Flintoff highly rate this new kid on the block. Wormwood cricket bats retail from £16.99 to £299.99.

Slazenger Cricket Bats

Last but not least we have the trusty old Slazenger cricket bats. Technical giants of the game such as Ian Bell and Jacques Kallis use these popular and powerful bats which The Wisden Cricketer once said, “Give you undeserved value’ for your shots.” The Slazenger’s premium cane oval handle ensures a unique feel and performance and the wood is distributed to the middle and edges for maximum power. These cricket bats retail from £19.99 to £139.

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