Sweep in style with the right cricket bat

Who's your batting role model? Maybe the stolid blockers Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott? Or perhaps be the flamboyant hitters like Eoin Morgan and Kevin Pietersen? Or the all round batting genius that is Ian Bell? With English cricket enjoying world domination, isn't it at least time you invested in a decent new cricket bat? Even if it's just for the village green match.

Gunn & Moore (www.gm-cricket.com) are rated as the world's best bat makers, and have been in the business for 125 years. Their mark on your bat suggests you are a batsman who takes your role seriously. Try a few strokes with their Apex DXM 404 Now TT English Willow bat, with shaped edges, a lightweight design, super power arc blade and a precision machined toe. Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) has them at prices ranging from £30.99 to £89.99, depending on size.

The Kookaburra Blade 750 cricket bat, in English willow, is the choice of Phil Hughes and Eoin Morgan, and at least one of those players has been getting decent scores with it. It features an ultralight pick-up, a raised spine profile for fast bat speed and a 'Dynamic Power' shaped face. Maybe practice a little before you try emulating Morgan's reverse sweeps though. They sell for around £100.

Bit of a tail-ender, or a beginner? The CA Cover Drive Bat is a decent entry level bat that is perfectly adequate for learning your strokes in the nets, or for indoor cricket. Its blue logos look a bit garish, and that willow isn't actually English, but nobody has to know. Once you've hit your first boundary, any cricket bat begins to feel special. These are normally £40 but Amazon has them on offer at £19.99.

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