Cricket agent

Renegade Pakistan cricketer Zulqarnain Haider has said that the best way to stop his countrymen from taking part in match fixing is to tap their phones and follow them around when they’re not playing.

It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to hear from anyone, frankly. If things are that bad then why doesn’t everyone just pack up and go home? Haider said that ‘a lot of people are involved’ in match-fixing, even though he didn’t want to name any names. ‘I don't want to blame anyone, I don't want to be negative to anyone,’ he said.

‘The best way is to record all the players' phones and record where they are going. Whether I play cricket or not, I just want cricket to be clear of fixing.

‘I was told: ‘If you work with us, we will give you a lot of money. If not, we will not select you again in cricket and, if you go back home, we will kill you and your family’.’

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