Craig Levein not fearing the sack

Scotland did their usual thing of not qualifying for a major international tournament yesterday, losing to Spain and missing out on Euro 2012. Hardly a surprise really, given that they haven't had a team worthy of their tradition for a long time now.

Despite another humiliation, boss Craig Levein says that he doesn't think that his job is in danger. That'll make Scottish fans happy, won't it?

'I think there's every reason for people to think we're going to get better,' Levein told BBC Scotland. 'I'm happy with how we're progressing. It was a tall order, but Spain were at the top of their game.

'I'm enjoying my job. This was a fantastic occasion and being manager of the Scottish national team is something I'm extremely proud of. I'm disappointed that we didn't get anything from the game, but in keeping with the second half of the campaign, I see a lot of positives things.'

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