Craig Bellamy gets emotional after Wales defeat

Pundits and journalists are constantly complaining that footballers just rattle off the usual guff in post match interviews. However, Manchester City and Wales striker Craig Bellamy showed exactly what happens when footballers tell it like it is: YouTube gold.

The petulant forward was none to pleased following Wales 2-0 spanking at the hands of Finland, branding the Scandinavians a poor team despite the result. He then proceeds to have a go at Finland striker Jonatan Johansson, claiming he wasn't good enough to have scored against Wales - even though he actually did .

Statistics are obviously not Bellamy's strong point, as the Hibs striker has scored 19 international goals in contrast to the Welshman's 16. Johansson's just lucky that Bellamy didn't ask him to go for a round of golf afterwards.

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