Could be Appiah

Former Ghana captain Steven Appiah has said that England’s decision to rest their big stars for the friendly with Ghana is disrespectful for the players and fans of the country.

The Black Stars are taking on England at Wembley tonight, in what will be for some of their players the biggest game they will play in, against the former imperial power that owned their country. To highlight its significance, 21,000 Ghanaians will be present at the game, the largest away allocation ever sold for an international at Wembley. But many will have bought those tickets expecting to see a full strength England.

‘It's like they are underrating the game,' said Appiah, who will be a special guest of the Ghanaian FA at Wembley. 'A lot of Ghanaians have travelled from America, Canada, from around the world. It's a dream come true. It's huge, it's big and Ghanaians are going to follow the match.

‘Ghanaians are disappointed. They really wanted to see those players. The players wish they could play against JT (Terry). It's their dream to play against Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and all these players. Maybe some of them will not play in that stadium again.

‘I think so, yes (that the decision to drop players was disrespectful). Some Ghanaians are really sad they are not going to play. Maybe Mr Capello has his own reasons, we have to respect those.’

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