Conor McGregor versus Jose Aldo set to propel UFC further into mainstream

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Every once and a while, a once in a generation fighter comes along and in this moment in time, that fighter seems to be Conor McGregor. As a consequence of the huge following he commands, the UFC is set to be launched into the mainstream on the back of Mcgregor challenging Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo on July 11th at UFC 189.

The proverbial juggernaut, every time former 2 weight Cage Warriors champion McGregor fights, more and more fans line up in the hopes of getting tickets to seeing him in action. In Jose Aldo, he faces the ultimate challenge as Aldo is undefeated in 10 years and has made 9 successful defences of his World Featherweight belt.

No doubt, a large part of McGregor's appeal is his uncanny ability to spot an opportunity to drop a soundbite and it seems that every month that passes, the more mainstream media attention he garners. This has the knock-on effect of shining a spotlight on the UFC and has executives licking their lips at the possibility cashing in on former boxing fans, some of whom have become very disillusioned at the lack of real quality match-ups as legends duck each other for years.

When people talk about the biggest fight of 2015, naturally enough Mayweather versus Pacquiao will be on the tip of many people's tongue. However, since it has taken 5 years to put the fight that everyone wanted to see together, this unfortunately means that both fighters have aged and as a consequence both slipped out of their prime.

The same cannot be said of the Aldo - McGregor fight with both competitors right at the top of their games. The champion is 28 years of age and the challenger is just 2 years his junior. The interest generated by a 12 day world media tour has already ensured that UFC 189 is going to break UFC pay-per-view records as fans around the world are relishing the ultimate clash in styles.

While neither Pacquiao or Mayweather are in their prime any more, it will be immaterial when they face off at the MGM Grand in what will be the most lucrative prize fight in history. However, come July 11th, the pay-per-view figures for UFC 189 will prove that Mixed Martial Arts is catching up with boxing and a lot of that will be down to a cocky Irishman with unflappable confidence who may or may not be named the new Featherweight Champion on the night.

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