Congrats Jenson

Former Formula One World Champions Damon Hill has said that he feels Jenson Button is the better driver than Lewis Hamilton. Hill, who was champion in 1996 is now the president of the British Racing Drivers Club, which own Silverstone, host of this weekend’s British Grand Prix. Sure the question has nothing to do with anything and the judgement was made after he was repeatedly asked by hacks, but let’s publish it anyway, eh?

‘I think Lewis has got a little bit more to learn tactically than Jenson,’ he said of the McLaren team-mates. ‘He is still very young and learning but his approach is more impetuous, which works sometimes and doesn't at others. Whether Lewis will mature or not... he is bound to be maturing all the time but whether he learns to be circumspect when he needs to be, I don't know if that is his style. I don't know if he will do that.

'I wouldn't be surprised if Jenson won the championship again. He will absorb more as a competitor and maintain his equilibrium perhaps better than Lewis. I think it would be wrong to assume either would be that easy (to race against) but I think Jenson has perhaps got the slightly more relaxed approach.’

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