Coleen McLoughlin : £20,000 hen do

Good to see a WAG at the top of her game like Coleen McLoughlin not afraid to give the credit card a good thumping on her hen do.

Coleen whisked 24 lucky mates off to Manchester at the weekend to celebrate Wayne officially taking her off the shelf - and spent £20,000 in the process.

The 24 chosen ones arrived at Manchester's Lowry Hotel in a train of blacked out Mercedes as long as the Thames. They then checked in, changed into their swimmers and headed down to the spa for an afternoon of extreme lounging - polished off with the mother of all hair and make up sessions.

Slap and hairspray on, the gaggle then guzzled Cristal and feasted on all manner of expensive grub in the £2,000 a night Presidential Suite, before McLoughlin decreed it was time to 'move on'.

The Scouser flock, (by now pi*sed as lords) staggered down to trendy nightspot Panacea for a late night bop - before finally winding up at the hotel bar wearing dressing gowns emblazoned with the words, 'Coleen's hen do' in the early hours.

All of which leads us to believe our theory about hen do's and weddings is absolutely true. No matter how much money is spent on trying to do something a 'bit different' it'll always end at 6am in a club with everyone looking like complete tw*ts. Glad we're not the only ones!

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