Cole avoids prosecution for shooting

Ashley Cole has (rather predictably) not been prosecuted for accidentally shooting a work-experience boy while training for Chelsea. Cole apparently did not know that the gun was loaded, and has apologised to the victim, Tom Cowan, a sports science student at Loughborough University.

According to The Mirror, the Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti has argued that criticism of Cole has been over the top. He said (a little melodramatically), 'What do we have to do now - kill him?' Earlier, Ancelotti defended his star player saying, 'Who didn’t make a mistake in his life? The mistake was that the gun was here in Cobham. We didn’t know the gun was here. Obviously, we are not happy with what happened. But I have spoken with him. He was very disappointed with this, and said sorry. It was an accident.'

Cole has been fined two weeks wages by Chelsea, approximately £250,000.

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