Did your club have Wembley tickets for the FA Cup final?

The FA Cup final is the pinnacle for all domestic football clubs at the end of the season. Played at the hallowed ground that is the new Wembley Stadium, each and every club hopes Wembley tickets for the FA Cup final will be coming the way of their supporters and fans. The tournament is the oldest domestic football competition in the world and this year saw the 130th FA Cup final match being played.

The match this year took place on Saturday 14th May between Manchester City and Stoke City; both Premier League clubs with a good chance of winning. Manchester City were odds on to win, but underdogs Stoke City came out fighting and the match was scoreless until just sixteen minutes before the end when Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure scored a goal. The final score was just 1-0 to Manchester City giving them their fifth FA Cup final victory.

For Stoke City it was a disappointing result but made up for in part by this being their first ever appearance in an FA Cup final match. The club should be proud at the turn out by their fans: the 25,000 ticket allocation to the club meant Wembley tickets for the FA Cup final were available to all 21,000 season ticket holders. Manchester City were also allocated 25,000 tickets but were disgruntled to discover that this did not allow for all 36,000 season ticket holders to automatically qualify to go to Wembley and had to pay out to buy tickets from other outlets.

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