'Close to perfect'

England captain Andrew Strauss has hailed England's bowling performance as 'close to perfect', after a thrilling win in the first test against India.

In front of a packed crowd of over 28,500 people at Lords, on a day in which people were queueing up outside the ground as early as 2am, England demolished the number test side in the world, and gave the best batting line-up in cricket a torrid time at the crease. In the end they won by 196 runs with 28.3 overs of play left, signalling to the bumper crowd that it might be England's time at the top of the tree.

'(That was) as close to the perfect bowling performance as we've had in the last two years,' said Strauss, before praising the support of the crowd. 'It was a great atmosphere. We all appreciate playing Test matches in front of full houses. It makes you feel that you're doing something important, that every wicket you take, every run you score is appreciated by someone.

'The bigger the crowds we have over the course of the summer, the better for us and for he future of Test cricket as well.'

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