Where to find clearance running trainers

With many being hit by the recession and everyone looking to cut back on their spending it is always useful to have some knowledge of where to buy cheap sporting goods. If you are a keen runner then there are a number of places that you should be looking when updating your sporting equipment.

High Street Stores

There are two main suppliers of sporting goods that can be found in almost any decent sized town. The first is Sports Direct (formerly Sports Soccer), which has been in business under various formats since 1982. Today Sports Direct is by far the largest sporting retailer present in the UK and specialises in offering big name brands at discount prices. The other High Street store worth checking out is JJB Sports. JJB Sports operate a similar business to Sports Direct by offering clearance running trainers by all the reputable brands. There are over 250 stores in the UK so you are almost guaranteed to find one near you.

Find out more about these stores at www.sportsdirect.com and www.jjbsports.com.

Online Stores

In addition to High Street stores, shopping online for clearance running trainers is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, you can often find internet stores selling trainers at up to 80% of the recommended retail price. A good idea is to drop into your nearest High Street shop, try a selection of running trainers for size and comfort, make a note of the trainer name and then search for the shoe online.

Some good places to start your search are Mandmdirect.com, Amazon.com and even Ebay.com.

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