Classic Fergie mind games

The Manchester derby is on tonight, and with both teams handily placed for a league title challenge this could be one of the fiercest in years. Sir Alex Ferguson has done his best to try and wind up his cash-rich neighbours, with a classic dig about how all that money hasn’t brought them any class; those mind games, eh?

Ferguson has mocked Manchester City for the famous ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster of Carlos Tevez, and suggested that some of City’s fans were probably ‘embarrassed’ by their club’s behaviour. Telling other people how they feel is always a great way to wind them up. Nice one Fergie!

‘I don't know what created that (the poster) – probably some advertising gimmick – but I don't think they can be proud of it,' said Ferguson. 'I don't see how they thought that would get more points off us as opposed to playing against us on a football pitch. I said at the time I thought it was stupid and they probably think that themselves now. I think it was probably worthwhile for maybe some of their supporters, but not all of them. Others will have been embarrassed. If you ask their supporters I think they would prefer to see a trophy paraded through the city before they start getting carried away like that.

‘I mean, there was one City fan who put a tattoo around his body saying 'European Cup winners'. People get carried away. Unfortunately supporters are just as bad as directors. But I think a lot of their supporters would probably prefer to see a trophy paraded before they start screaming from the rooftops.’

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