Clash of the titans

Roger Federer has set up the dream final to this year’s Australian Open after giving Wilfried Tsonga a good straight-set thrashing in their semi-final, 6-2, 6-3, 6-2. The match was over after only 88 minutes, and The Swiss star will now face Britain’s own Andy Murray in Sunday’s mouth-watering final.

Federer is a three-time winner at Melbourne Park and into his 22nd Grand Slam final, so the task awaiting our conquering hero is going to be immense.

‘I know that he'd like to win the first title in British tennis in, what is it 150,000 years?’ lamely joked The Fed in the aftermath of his easy win. ‘It would be so nice for him. He's a nice guy. I will have to be aggressive. We've had some different types of matches against each other.

‘We sometimes like to jerk around on the court and play some high balls at each other. Definitely it will be tactical. It is always a tactical game against him.’

‘I'm very happy to be through. It is always difficult to play top players, sometimes it plays out the way you want it to and sometimes you have to work a lot harder.

‘It was just so important to win that first set and get that good start. I thought it was quite intense early but maybe he was more fatigued mentally than physically, I think that showed near the end.’

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