City to make second Terry bid

Manchester City look set to make a second bid for John Terry after Chelsea rejected an offer said to be worth somewhere in the region of £30m for the England captain.

The Premier League's big spenders made an official bid for Terry yesterday, but the Blues immediately released an official statement making it clear that their club captain is not for sale.

"Chelsea Football Club can confirm it has completely rejected an offer from Manchester City for John Terry. It was made clear to City, for the second time following an approach last season, that we would not entertain any conversation on the subject."

The statement continues: "At that time John also reiterated his total commitment to Chelsea. We would like to make clear, and will not do so again, that John is not for sale."

City made an offer for Terry back in January and despite Chelsea's claim that the England centre-back is not for sale, The Guardian reports that the player himself could be interested in a move which would seem him double his current salary.

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