City set to buy Mario Balotelli?

Manchester City look set to open up their bulging wallet once again in order to make their squad the most top heavy in the Premier League. As well as David Silva and James Milner (a deal which might now turn sour, according to the Guardian), City are trying to tease Mario Balotelli away from Inter, with the Italian keen to be reunited with his former manager Roberto Mancini.

Balotelli has become a huge point of controversy in Italian football. At once lauded for his exceptional talent, he has also been heavily criticised by the press and former manager Jose Mourinho for his attitude on the pitch and frequently racially abused by opposition fans. But Mancini says there is no problem with his personality.

‘There is not a big problem with his character,’ said Mancini. ‘He is a young player. There have been times in the past when he made mistakes, but that's normal. He is not a difficult player.

‘At the moment Inter are asking a lot of money for him. We won't wait (forever). We have other targets. The problem is that when Manchester City come talking, other clubs ask high prices. We have a lot of good players already but at the moment only Manchester City are going in the market. So far we have bought three new players and are happy.’

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