City midfielder Elano criticises Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes' problems at Manchester City have got even worse after Brazilian midfielder Elano broke ranks and criticised the under fire manager. The playmaker has been dropped from City's first team after a string of disappointing performances and looks set to be flogged off in January.

Speaking to reporters, Elano said that City fans have the right to see him play week in week out: "In the past couple of weeks I did not play in two games. I don't know why and I think that the Man City fans have the right to know. That's why I'm here publicly saying to the fans and people in the club who like me that I'm very disappointed and sad."

City have lost seven of their twelve Premier League games this season, so Elano's interview will have gone down like a lead-balloon. Despite getting a vote of confidence from the club's owners, Mark Hughes is reported to be having problems with a number of senior players including Jo and Micah Richards.

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