City bound?

Yesterday we reported on the press kerfuffle that was generated by Wayne Rooney’s apparent desire to leave Manchester United with many journalists saying that he was most likely to be moving to Real Madrid in a swap deal, with Karem Benzema going the other way.

However it now seems that a shock move to Manchester City, which was only briefly touched upon as an option yesterday, could actually go ahead. The Guardian managed to get through to someone high up at City and they admitted that they are discussing the idea of making a bid for the England striker. Should Rooney move across the city it would surely be a sign that United were a busted flush: if they can’t keep hold of any of their best players and can’t afford to replace them, in what direction is the club going?

‘We hadn't discussed signing Rooney until the last week because we never thought he would be available, just like we have never discussed signing Lionel Messi from Barcelona,’ the ‘senior figure at Eastlands’ said. ‘Now we know he wants to leave United we're obviously going to monitor it closely.’

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