Cipriani must wait for recall

The one-time England rugby golden boy Danny Cipriani won’t be making a return to the team any time soon. Interim coach Stuart Lancaster has ruled out including Cipriani in his plans for the 6 Nations.

Although Lancaster had hinted that Cipriani might be recalled, the coach believes that the fly-half should concentrate on settling in with the Melbourne Rebels during the Australian Super 15 tournament.

"Danny's got to bed himself down with a load of new team-mates who have arrived at the Rebels," Lancaster told the Daily Telegraph. "The Super 15 takes place during the 6 Nations. Danny's priority is to get game time."

That will be disappointing news for England rugby fans looking for something to cheer after a dismal 2011. The debacle at the World Cup in New Zealand showed that it was time to rebuild a new England side. The retirement of the previous golden boy Jonny Wilkinson leaves a vacancy for a charismatic player to grab the public imagination. Cipriani would be the obvious candidate.

That will have to wait. In the short term, Lancaster’s priority is to establish discipline and a code of behaviour after the embarrassing series of indiscretions in New Zealand. "It's important to be honest and then positive. I don't believe there were serious rifts there. We need a framework and for us all to set, and buy into, new standards and codes of behaviour."

The new codes will presumably rule out mystery blondes in night clubs, dwarfs and ribald comments directed at chambermaids.

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