Cipriani dropped by England for 'inappropriate behaviour'

Egg chasing's great white hope for the future, Danny Cipriani, has been sensationally dropped by England for 'inappropriate behaviour' ahead of Saturday's Six Nations game with Scotland.'

Cipriani was snapped leaving a nightclub on Thursday morning-at exactly 12.15am according to the timelords over at The Sun or 12.30 if the timekeepers at The Daily Mail are to be believed. Take your pick.

Although looking a tad worse for wear in The Sun's photo, the Mail says that Cipriani wasn't on the sauce and only popped into the club to give some mates tickets to Saturday's Six Nations clash.

Well thanks a million Danny. Not only have you let down your team, the fans and yourself, but you may also have destroyed some journalistic careers. The finishing touches had just been put to a potential Pulitzer winning article bigging you up when the news broke of your demotion.

Here is a quick summary of the said article that would have given Woodward and Bernstein a run for their money.

Old Danny boy is no stranger to tabloid tales having dated one of the Cheeky Girls of 'Touch my bum, this is life' fame. But the pièce de résistance of his fledgling tabloid career to date, was when he slept with a transsexual called Darren.

Showing the solidarity for which rugby is famed his Wasp teammates affectionately dubbed him DCWSWAM or Danny Cipriani Who Slept With A Man. The Pulitzer is in the bag.

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