Choosing the right cross country running spikes and trainers

If you are a serious runner, choosing the right pair of cross country running spikes and trainers is an extremely important decision and one that you should take plenty of time over. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right shoe, of which we shall now discuss in more detail.

The different types of spikes

When purchasing any sporting goods it is important to understand the variations that exist. Running spikes come in many different shapes and sizes according to the type of running they are designed for. Cross country running spikes differ from sprint, middle-distance and long-distance spikes in that they are sturdier and have greater grip, often included on the side of the shoe as well as the sole. Cross country spikes also provide increased cushioning and foot support.


Like everything about us, our running styles are unique; therefore it is necessary to understand your personal bio-mechanics. Our running styles can be categorised as “pronation” or “over-pronation”. This basically distinguishes the rolling motion of the feet and running shoes exist according to the various degrees of pronation. The shoe categories are Neutral, Support, Motion Control, Trail, Lightweights and Racers.

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General Advice

When buying your cross country running spikes, always visit the sports shop in the afternoon. Feet swell up a tad during the day so this will allow you to find the perfect fit. Also, trying running shoes on with your usual sports socks will help you get a true feel for the shoe. Finally, allow a little extra room in sports shoes than normal shoes in order to accommodate for swelling.

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