China says Olympic torch relay will pass off without problems

Chinese authorities have reassured Olympic officials that the torch relay will pass off without problems after the torch's visits to London, Paris and San Francisco were met with protest.

According to the BBC, Chinese officials have outlined steps to counteract protest and the International Olympic Committee are hoping that the torch relay will now be met with "cheers and smiles".

IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said: "The [Beijing] organizing committee today did underline to us that they have taken steps to make sure that any future risk, if there is any, is mitigated."

The Olympic torch arrives today in Buenos Aires where the Olympic Spirit will be enforced by several thousand police.

Davies continued: "We're very confident and comfortable with that, and we do hope the torch relay can now progress with many more cheers and smiles and the kind of atmosphere that it deserves."

It's still not clear if protesters and casual passers-by will be forced to "cheer and smile" by law enforcement officers from the Cheery Happy Olympic Spirit division. The International Olympic Committee have again illustrated how hollow their PR guff is and how much they're out of touch with reality.

Elsewhere it looks like the opening ceremony in Beijing is going to have a lot of empty seats in the VIP section. It was due to be choreographed by Steven Spielberg and attended by more world leaders than the same event at Athens 2004. But old Steve jumped ship a few months ago and now world leaders are dropping like flies.

So far UN head honcho General Ban Ki-moon, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all suddenly discovered that they'll be washing their hair that night. While French President Nicolas Sarkozy still isn't sure if he'll attend, but as 80s legends Bucks Fizz put it, he'll soon find that there comes a time for making your mind up.

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