Chelsea's transfer ban overturned

Chelsea have had their transfer ban overturned on appeal by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. They found that the contract between Lens and Gael Kakuta that the French club claimed Chelsea illegally used to induce Kakuta, who was 16 at the time of his signing for the London club in 2007, was invalid.

Back in September Chelsea were banned from signing any players for two transfer windows and fined €910,000 by Fifa, while Kakuta was banned for four months. However, the sanctions were suspended while they appealed the decision, although Chelsea decided not to sign anyone in the January transfer window.

‘The CAS has noted that, in the agreement, the two clubs and the player have recognised that the contract between the two clubs and the player was not valid,’ CAS said. ‘Accordingly, the player could not have terminated it prematurely and without just cause.

‘We are pleased to have come to an amicable resolution of the matter and that it has been ratified by CAS and recognised by Fifa,’ Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman, said. ‘It was always our intention to work together with Lens to reach this end, and both clubs have strengthened their relationship as a result of resolving this case to everyone's satisfaction.

‘In an act of good faith and with a view to the possibility of future collaboration with Lens, and without recognising any liability, Chelsea has agreed to pay compensation costs for the training given to the player while at Lens, as mandated by Fifa in its original ruling.’

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