This Season's Chelsea Tickets on Sale

With four remaining Premier League matches for Chelsea, there's still time to get yourself down to Stamford Bridge and watch soccer heroes like Drogba, Malouda and Lampard in action this season. Read on for the current Chelsea tickets on sale.

The current remaining home games are as follows - Birmingham, 20th April at 19:45; West Ham, 23rd April at 17:30; Tottenham, 30th April at 17:30; Newcastle, 15th May at 13:30.

Cheapest tickets for all Chelsea matches at home in the league start from £52 for the Shed Lower and Matthew Harding Lower areas of the stadium. Meanwhile, for a slightly better view, the Shed Upper and Matthew Harding Upper have seats priced at £55. The most prized, and expensive seats, are located in the West Stand Upper, and cost from £70 per seat.

Only tickets for the Birmingham game are currently available to purchase direct from the club website, but tickets for the West Ham game go on sale from the 12th of April, so keep an eye on the ticket news in order to get the best deals for seats. Up to 4 seats at a time can be booked, though early booking is recommended in order to ensure that the seats are located alongside one another.

It is also worth keeping an eye on Chelsea's Champions League progress to see if they will have any more home fixtures this season. Chelsea visit Old Trafford on the 12th of April to see if they can overturn a 1-0 deficit.

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