Chelsea sign Yuri Zhirkov

New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that the Blues have signed midfielder Yuri Zhirkov from CSKA Moscow. The Italian, speaking at his first official press conference told reporters that: "Zhirkov and (Daniel) Sturridge are Chelsea players."

When quizzed about the position that the versatile Russian will play Ancelotti replied: "Zhirkov is naturally on the left. I think he can do all the work and can play in defence and in between."

The former AC Milan boss also underlined that Chelsea captain John Terry will not be leaving Stamford Bridge anytime in the near future comparing the England defender to Italian legend Paolo Maldini.

"John Terry is a symbol of this team. He will be captain next season: he said he wants to stay forever and we want to keep him for ever. Now there is a question of Man City, but for Terry (there is) no price."

Ancelotti continued: "Terry will be at Chelsea forever. He said he wants to stay, there is no problem for him for us, the story continues - Chelsea and Terry. I like to have a captain like Terry, he is very close to (Paulo) Maldini for professionalism, for quality and he will be the best captain for Chelsea."

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