Chelsea should have supported me more

Ricardo Carvalho has left a parting shot for Chelsea, after it was revealed that will almost certainly be joining his former manager José Mourinho at Inter, alongside his countryman Deco.

Carvalho only played 11 games last season, while Deco was far from a popular player among the Stamford Bridge crowd, and the club feel like even getting half of what they paid for them (£29million) would be a good deal. However, Carvalho isn't happy with the treatment he received from the club.

'The club should have supported me more, which did not happen,' the defender said. 'When a player plays, everything is beautiful but, when things do not run so well, there is no support.

'I believe my time at Chelsea has come to an end. I am happy such a big club as Inter is interested in me. It would be good to return to working with Jose Mourinho.'

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