Chelsea sack Carlo Ancelotti

Hardly anyone was surprised when it was revealed that Chelsea had sacked Carlo Ancelotti: the club has adopted a revolving door policy when it comes to managers, and as soon as the opportunity comes along to make their coach look as stupid as possible, they take it. You can’t knock their commitment to clowning, to be fair.

However Ancelotti himself has said that he would love to stay in England, and has even put himself up for the vacant position at West Ham, who were relegated to the Championship last week. Maybe he thinks that would wind Blues fans up – it wouldn’t – but it does seem that he genuinely would like to manage in the Championship. Weird.

‘I would coach West Ham - why not,’ he told The News of the World. ‘It's a challenge to manage a team outside of the top four and even in the Championship.

‘The atmosphere at West Ham is amazing and I can say the same about football in the Championship. I have respect for every team and the job of my colleagues. It is the same and it doesn't matter if you can manage a top team or a smaller team.

‘It's your job, and for me it's important to work. I was happy to train in the second division when I was learning. If a club said to me, 'You can manage this club without money', I'd have to decide whether to accept or not. Money is not a motivation. The money has never been a motivation for me.

‘The Championship is also fantastic, the stadiums are fantastic. I have seen a lot of games on TV and the atmosphere is fantastic. If you watch a game in Italy in the second division, then in the stadium there will be say 2,000 people. It is totally different in England.’

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