True Blues get in line for a Chelsea football ticket

The 2011-12 season might turn out to be a period of transition for Chelsea under new manager Andre Villas-Boas. With involvement in the Premier League, Champions League and 2 cup tournaments though, there is keen competition for a Chelsea football ticket to watch the action.

The club website at chelseafc.com sells match tickets direct online. Priority is given to members, so many matches are sold out before there is a chance for open sale of tickets.

Membership packages come in several different tiers providing benefits and advantages to suit your requirement. All membership levels will allow you the opportunity to buy tickets before they go on general sale.

A True Blue Ticket Only package costs £25 for one season or £48 for 2 seasons and offers priority access to match tickets for every Chelsea game. Tickets for members cost £5 less than for non-members so you only need to see 5 matches to recoup the membership fee

True Blue Magazine membership costs £32 and delivers the Chelsea magazine to your door each month in addition to ticket priority entitlement.

True Blue Original membership costs £42 and throws in an exclusive DVD and 18-month Chelsea calendar plus a Chelsea pin badge, as well as the magazine and ticket access.

The True Blue Premium package at £110 is the hard-core membership package with magazine, Chelsea calendar, DVD and also each Chelsea home programme delivered to your door.

Members and season ticket holders can buy and sell a Chelsea football ticket for every match on the club's Viagogo ticket exchange site (viagogo.co.uk), so if you can't make a certain game, you can recoup the cost of the ticket, and make sure your seat at Stamford Bridge goes to a fellow Chelsea fan.

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