Chelsea fans rebel against Abramovich

Furious Chelsea supporters have halted Abramovich's plans to buy the land that Stamford Bridge stands on.

In a dramatic meeting last night, Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO), who own the freehold to the London ground, voted against selling up.

The club wants to buy the land so that they can sell it to fund the move to a new ground.

However, many fans oppose the development, with one shareholder stating: "The club does not understand the fans."

The CPO was founded in 1993 to safeguard the Bridge's future. The intention was to ensure that the ground could never be sold to property developers.

61.6% of the total votes were in favour of the club's proposal, below the 75% minimum requirement.

Chairman Bruce Buck said: "Roman's disappointed but he respects that Chelsea Pitch Owners have spoken. We always knew that getting 75 per cent was going to be very difficult. That's just the nature of the vote.

"...Maybe you didn't get this through the tone of the meeting but, from discussions over the last few weeks, we are convinced that the large body of shareholders, of CPO and fans, recognise it may be necessary to move."

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