Chelsea crisis?

No one should ever doubt our objectivity when it comes to Premier League clubs. We always aim to give a fair and frank assessment of a team and its accomplishments.

However, when it comes to the latest headlines surrounding Chelsea we can’t help but say: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

Crisis #1: the eminent Telegraph Sport pages tell us senior players, unhappy at being left out of the cup final on Sunday, are to have showdown talks with Avram “Shops at Burton” Grant. Why? Because they were dropped. They weren’t deemed as good as the person who played instead of them. Simple as… We say get your head down and train a bit harder and you’ll get your chance – Ashley Cole and Michael Ballack. Do you hear Jo Cole whingeing about only getting on in extra time, despite being your best player by far in the last few games? No, so zip it.

Crisis #2: fans are staying away in their droves – even from Champions League games – according to the Daily Mail. Strangely, the paper does not blame the Government’s lax border controls (apparently already responsible for binge drinking, climate change and the credit crunch) for this latest crisis. It merely points out what we’ve all known for a long time – if you’re in the entertainment business, you gotta put on a show. Otherwise even the dumbest fans won’t bother coming back.

The turgid performances of the Blues are beginning to cost the club – in results, silverware and hard dollars. Shame.

(Image: from Free-er’s flickr stream)

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