Chelsea bust up

John (close friends get to call him JT) Terry and Chelsea coach Henk ten Cate Dibble were involved in training ground fisticuffs on the eve of the Carling Cup final, according to the oracles of all knowledge over on Fleet Street.

Witnesses claim that Officer Ten Cate aggressively approached skipper JT during training. Allegedly colourful language was exchanged between the player and coach as they split hairs over the merits of Picasso's Blue and Rose periods.

Luckily Frank 'Choo Choo' Lampard, or Lamps to you and me, was on hand to sort things out. Having just finished Woodrow Wilson's collected memoirs, Frank cleverly drafted a fourteen point peace settlement between the two warring parties.

However, that was not enough to appease the insatiable diplomatic appetite of Chelsea Blue Suede Shoes owner Roman Abramovich. He witnessed the training pitch handbags and was reported as being none to pleased. Roman is said to be growing tired of his new plaything Avram Grant and wants his old Jose back.

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