Chelsea boss under pressure

Westenders: The Chelsea soap continues. It seems all is not hunky dory for Chelsea boss Avram Grant. According to a variety of sources Chelsea's lo-fi offering in the Milky Cup final has damaged the manager's position.

It is also widely reported that that players and senior staff have questioned Grant's leadership qualities. 'He is no Phil Mitchell,' an invented source is quoted as saying.

So Grant needs to pick up the Euro Cup of not only Champions if he wants to retain his job. The Sun reports that Roman has already booked the afters. No pressure then.

Fun Fun Fun. Not one to hold a grudge, John JT Terry organized a paintballing trip for the Chelseas squad. It was a bold attempt to bond the team together with pellets of paint. The opposition were kitted out in Ten Cate masks. Sources close to the team say that it was more fun than a cheeky chicken.

Elsewhere in Albert Bridge, the broadsheets and tabloids report that Frank Rijkaard wants to swap his Sagrada Familia for a Gherkin. It seems Frankie could soon be warming the Stamford bridge hot seat with his sexy football.

A source close to the Dutch Kudu dung spitting legend and part time football manager has said Frank would love to take over at such a big club. "So Frank, what first attracted you to billionaire Roman Abramovich?"

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