Chelsea bid £35million for Fernando Torres

After The Guardian fell flat on its backside yesterday evening hyping up a glorified piece of transfer gossip, it’s nice to see some actual bold moves being made by clubs right now, in this transfer window. And going against the grain it’s Chelsea who are doing the outrageous bidding, offering £35million for Fernando Torres.

Now, this could very well have been an effort by Chelsea to make it seem to their fans that Roman Abramovich has just sewn shit his wallet and told the club to get on with making its own money, as Liverpool selling their star striker to a Premier League rival is always pretty unlikely. However, it could also show that Chelsea are still willing to make a big splash.

In any case, Liverpool rebuffed the bid and made a terse statement on their website. ‘Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando which has been turned down,’ said the club. ‘The player is not for sale.’

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