Chelsea beat Newcastle to set up tightest league finish in 40 years

Chelsea beat Newcastle 2-0 at St James's Park to set up the tightest league finish in 40 years. Both Manchester United and Chelsea will go into the final day of the season divided only by goal difference.

Kevin Keegan's Newcastle were unable to halt Chelsea's momentum with the in-form Michael Ballack scoring his third goal in as many games before Malouda wrapped up the points with a second on 82 minutes.

On Sunday Manchester United will be at the JJB to take on Steve Bruce's Wigan while Chelsea will host Bolton Wanderers at Stamford Bridge. It's the first time since 1968 that the two leading teams in the top division go into the final day of the season even-stevens.

The hyperbole machine is already in full swing with Sky as happy as a dog with two mickeys. Sunday's drama will more than likely be christened 'Super Final Judgement Sunday to Beat All Sundays' or something along those lines.

Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2

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