Chelsea chairman says there is no plan to move stadium

As we outlined yesterday, Chelsea fans face a tricky decision about the future of their club: supporters have been asked by the club to sell their shares in the Chelsea Pitch Owners scheme, which was set up in 1993 to make sure that Stamford Bridge wasn't sold to property developers. The official reasoning has been given as being to tidy up the club's finances, but it's quite clear that the club is looking to move to a new site, and they need the vote of the holders to make it happen.

However Chelsea fan are already extremely unhappy at the fact that the meeting is taking place the morning after the club's clash away at Everton in the Carling Cup, as it will mean many who would want to vote will get home in the early hours and then have to take another day off in order to vote. And given that the club are considering anyone who isn't there to vote as voting 'yes'. You can see why. However Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck says that there is no plan for a stadium move – so why do they need the shares; and why now?

'We don't know that Chelsea necessarily has to move,' said Buck. 'We've not made a decision on moving. We're just trying to be open to the options if that we make a decision it the best thing for Chelsea Football Club. But that decision clearly has not been made.

'Our present plan, you know, we model financial fair play in our financial discussions every day, and we have no included any kind of increased capacity at Stamford Bridge as part of out modelling to comply with the Uefa regulations. We're looking more at increased sponsorship; we're a little bit at how we might be able to trim the wage bill; so it's more about a balancing act of trying to lower our expense side a little bit and raise our revenue side.

'By doing what I just said, but doing it better and differently than they might have to do. But I agree, in that a club like Arsenal have about £30million of match day revenues a year more than we do, so we do have to figure out a way to make that up in some fashion. My message to the CPO shareholders is that I would like them to consider the letter that I wrote and have a proper dialogue and ask em questions – I'm happy to clarify anything – and vote for what they think is best for Chelsea Football Club.'

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