Cheetah Woods

To say it’s been a busy few days for golf legend Tiger Woods would be the understatement of the year. Since he randomly crashed his car into a tree outside his Florida home last week, all sorts of allegations have been made about him: he was drunk; he was on drugs; he loves the ladies (a bevy of beauties have come forward claiming they’ve slept with him.)

Well, the rollercoaster ride doesn’t look like stopping any time soon: CNBC have broken the news that Gatorade don’t want to be sponsored by him anymore. They even went so far as stating that they had nothing to do with recent incidents. (What, you can't get drunk on Gatorade?)

‘We decided several months ago to discontinue Gatorade Tiger Focus along with some other products to make room for our planned series of innovative products in 2010. We hope to share more about our 2010 plans soon,’ was the official line in their statement.

With Roger Federer losing the ATP World Tennis tournament recently and Thierry Henry’s hand of frog in France’s World Cup qualifier against the Republic Of Ireland, could this be the forthcoming anti-Gillette advert?

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