How to find the cheapest cricket equipment

Finding the cheapest cricket equipment can often be a difficult task and one that takes hours to find the very best deals available. There are several websites that not only offer very competitive prices, but also offer great quality cricket products.

milletsports.co.uk/cricket is a great website for all your cricket equipment and offers low prices on quality products. Their cricket bat range is extensive and full of bargains, take for example the Kookaburra Kahuna 150 cricket bat, its retail price usually is at £79.99 but milletsports sell the English willow bat at just £39.99. Finding such low prices on English willow cricket bats is extremely rare and milletsports offer low, affordable prices on many quality bats such as the Kookaburra Rogue 200 or the Gunn and Moore Flare DXM 303 which are great for the club cricketer.

If you're after a higher grade willow, you too can gain access to great deals on this website saving in excess of £30 on most bats. With a wide range of makes to choose from such as Newberry, Adidas, Gray-Nicolls and more, you are bound to find the bat you need, at the price you want by using this site.

Great deals can be found on other products too, such as batting pads and gloves where there are savings of up to 40% on the Kookaburra range. You can expect great quality pads to ensure maximum protection from the website from famous brands such as Gunn and Moore whose batting pads are also available at great prices.

Milletsports is a site cricket lovers must visit to find all the gear they need, not only do they offer cheap prices, but they offer these prices on the 2011 gear. They aren't just lowering the price on last years old products, they reduce the prices on the newest products from each year, so visit milletsports and get yourself a great deal.

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